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by Savn

Epic debutalbum by Savn! Members from The Sins of Thy Beloved and Midnattsol. Check out the amazing feedback in PRESS section on homepage!


Norwegian goth metal legends The Sins Of Thy Beloved have been dormant since 2000 - following the release of their second album “Perpetual Desolation” - and after years of a rumored reunion, Stig Johansen and Anders Thue have instead risen from the ashes with a new band, SAVN, and a new vision.

The seeds for SAVN (translated: Deprivation) officially took root when multi-instrumentalist Stig contacted Midnattsol vocalist and long-time friend Carmen Elise Espenæs about singing one song for the planned SAVN album. Carmen agreed, and Stig and Anders (keyboards) were so pleased with the final result they invited her to sing on the entire record. With Midnattsol rendered inactive for the time being due to personal commitments within the band, and her new role as a singer, as well as a mother of an adorable daughter, the Norwegian powerhouse found herself with enough time and refueled with energy to take part in this new musical journey.

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SAVN's first LIVE show @ Brynerocken! 

We will play our first live gig at Brynerocken on the 4th of September! 

Buy tickets at

Hope to see you there!

Distributor suffers bankcrupcy, SAVN enters Bandcamp 

Hi Everyone,

We got some news for you! As you probably know, the music industry is rapidly changing, and we all need to adapt to it. Sadly, we have just received the news that our physical distributor has suffered bankruptcy. We were very pleased with their work and effort of getting our album available to you in multiple retailers, so this is very sad news.  But the music must go on! As a result to this, we have decided to add SAVN and our album into BANDCAMP. All our products will be available there, both…Read more

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